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Sporty wodne

1. Horse riding camp
Perfect choice for lovers of horses and horse riding. You can learn horse riding under the supervision of qualified instructors. Our horses are peaceful and well-arranged. Riding classes are offered throughout the whole year for children and youngsters
HORSE-RIDING CLASSES (10 practical classes + theory) at the Tourist Centre are provided by riding instructors. Depending on the learner’s needs, classes are offered on the basic or advanced level.

2. Quad-paintball camp.
Many kinds of games in the forest with weapons - capsules containing water soluble dye and gelatin shell outside, off road quads rides, classes of survival, orienteering, canoeing, and race – they are just a few of the activities you can participate in at the camp. Boys and girls are welcome! The program can be adapted to the needs of the campers.

3. Water fun camp.
A camp for fans of water-related sports – especially for those who have sailed. This site is perfect for summer camp with shaded areas and a swimming facility next to the lake. Campers can use Omega sailboats and practise windsurfing, kayaking and swim in the lake. We have our own equipment, sailboats, windsurfing boards and foam life jackets. All classes will be held under the supervision of instructors and qualified lifeguards.

4. Sports camp.
A camp for adventure loving children and youngsters. You will not have any free minute here. There will be time for sailing with Omega Boat, swimming in the lake, and for learning the basics of lifeguarding techniques. When you are tired with water activities, you will have a chance to play in the ropes course or go into the woods to play man hunting or stalking. You can also play better or less known recreational games like shooting with bows, guns and air guns. Evenings we can be spent resting at the bonfire or discos.

During all types of camps, there are numerous activities and camp events:
  • different kind of social events like camp weddings, discos, theme dress parties, humor evenings, song and dancing competitions, games and out-building activities (like stalking), bonfires.
  • sports and leisure activities: swimming/ you can take a test to get a swimming license /, kayaks, boat rides, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis and trekking in beautiful countryside,
  • all activities are safe and supervised by qualified staff,

Organisers of camp activities:  www.promyk.net.pl

Reception of the Tourist Centre 0048 58 687 34 24; Information 0048 604 880 644
The Tourist Center area is monitored and supervised at all times.
We are looking forward to cooperating with you.
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