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Our tourist centre is a perfect place for relaxing and exploring for those who value primeval forests’ and clean Kashuby lakes’ recreation opportunities. It is located by the Wielewskie Lake, close to the village of Wiele (Pomeranian Province) on 9 hectare pine forest, and has its own 800 m access to the lake, and a beach, swimming place, deck and boating harbor. It is a place of unique natural beauty and climate conditions. e-mail: wczasy.info@gmail.com

We offer a wide range of services, including:
  • active recreation, 
  • camps and residential holidays,
  • business meetings, events and training courses,
  • school camps and green schools.
We recommend activities like:
  • paintball,
  • quad riding,
  • ropes course,
  • motorcycling sports,
  • horseback riding.
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